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nancy millerNancy J. Miller is the creator of Annachria’s Ancestral Archives. She is an illustrator, a theatrical scenic painter, and prop artisan living in the New York area.

She has spent this lifetime plying her trade as a professional artist for museums, theatre shows, hospitals, and libraries. Her artistic talents range from painting theatre scenery (also known as… “you want me to paint what on what?…”). Illustrating life (and the underworld) in pen and ink, creating paper millinery, and practicing the fine art of oil painting. She is exceptionally skilled at lurking in dimly lit rooms of crumbling mansions, and screaming in the dark, hoping her teenage son will respond.

In-between all of this she finds time to raise a family, impress her husband by growing poisonous plants in the garden, and train the family dog not to steal musty socks.

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